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Navigating opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship under COVID-19

While the global pandemic may cause a market contraction, it also presents new opportunities.

Jason Li-Ying et al.  

Startup Supplier Programs: A New Model for Managing Corporate-Startup Partnerships

Outside-in programs allow larger firms to harness the entrepreneurial vitality of smaller startups.

California Management Review  

The Risk of De-Risking Innovation: Optimal R&D Strategies in Ambiguous Environments

Large established firms have begun to underperform the decentralized startup ecosystem.

California Management Review  

A COVID-19 Manhattan Project?

The global race for a cure will require a pragmatic approach to innovation that defies existing conventions in projec...

Donald Drakeman et al.  

The Future Titans

These growing industries provide ample opportunities for innovation.

David Salisbury  

More Than a Clean Cup: Can Starbucks Innovate from Within?

Following its recent implicit bias training, Starbucks has a unique opportunity to engage frontline employees by aski...

Robert Springer  

Ford: The Race to Innovate

In the Industrial Era, the Ford name was once synonymous with automotive innovation. In a time of driverless cars and...

Priscila Aoki  

Building Centers for Action Research

Universities are already conducting great research, but many still struggle to convert their knowledge and insights i...

Lee Cooper  

Millennials in the Workplace: Disruptive Tech, Open Innovation, and Investment Strategy

Millennials are growing up and entering the workforce. Their impatience, ambition, and desire for immediate results m...

Adelia Gregory  

Docker: Innovation in the B2B Tech Market

Docker is a B2B web platform company with an innovative business model.

Amanda Wong  

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