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Exploring the Nordic Model: Lessons for Businesses

The world admires the Nordic model—should U.S. companies follow suit?

Arnaud Paquet  
international business

From Buzzword to Biz World: Realizing Blockchain’s Potential in the International Business Context

This article discusses how firms can draw on lessons from failed cases and go...

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international business

Chinese Multinationals’ Internationalization Strategies: New Realities, New Pathways

This article discusses how Chinese multinational enterprises internationalize...

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international business

The B20 Integrity and Compliance Recommendations: An International Framework for Action

The core recommendations offer a strong focus on ESG initiatives.

Daniel Malan et al.  
international business

The Future of Global Supply Chains in a Post-COVID-19 World

Automation and digitalization are likely to play a key role in the transforma...

international business

Supplier-Selection Practices for Robust Global Supply Chain Networks: A Simulation of the Global Auto Industry

Regionalization can improve the robustness of supply chain networks.

international business

Resilience Decoded: The Role of Firms, Global Value Chains, and the State in COVID-19 Medical Supplies

Lessons from case studies of four medical supply products—rubber gloves, face...

international business

Global Value Chain Resilience: Understanding the Impact of Managerial Governance Adaptations

As GVCs recover from the initial shock, managers will make GVC restructuring ...

international business

Global Value Chain Reconfiguration and COVID-19: Investigating the Case for More Resilient Redistributed Models of Production

Firms can enhance resilience by pursuing GVC reconfiguration through the adop...

international business

Global Value Chain Governance in the MNE: A Dynamic Hierarchy Perspective

A dynamic hierarchy managerial response can eliminate global supply crises wh...

international business

Tools and Technologies of Transparency in Sustainable Global Supply Chains

Transparency is vital in the creation of sustainable and resilient supply cha...

international business

Incentivizing Environmental Improvements in Supply Chains through Data-Driven Governance

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Facility Environmental Module (FEM) is on...

international business

Doubling Down on Double Sandwich Tax Schemes

Digital multinationals are facing increased scrutiny from tax authorities wor...

Anup Srivastava et al.  
international business

Potential Pitfalls of Limiting Translation Services to Native Speakers

In the translation industry, native speakers have been widely accepted as ide...

Kelsey Chong  

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