A Political Role for Business

by Crawford Greenewalt



The influence of "political climate" on business decisions is profound and far-reaching. The connection between business and government is becoming closer on both national and local levels, as seen in between U.S. industries and the U.S. government. In contrast to a proprietorship or partnership, the modern industrial concern is a national institution with its ownership widely diffused, with its life extending into the indefinite future. A harmonious balance among industry, agriculture, and all other pursuits has been at the heart of the U.S. economic system. Similarly, a consolidation of many diverse viewpoints has been the marrow of their political system. In formalizing the political philosophy of the U.S. system, the Constitution at the outset gave recognition to the fact that the society would always have minority groups. It has been concluded that a good look at politics on the part of business will be an illuminating experience. It has been hoped that, conversely, it results in a good look, and a well-directed look, at business by those in political life.

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