Some Current Issues in Human Relations

by Robert Tannenbaum



Human relations today has its iconoclasts and believers, critics and supporters, detractors and zealots. It has to be expected that such a rapid and extensive development, involving persons with widely disparate education and experience, and carrying with it numerous challenges to contemporary ideas and practice, should become a focal point for controversy. In the face of such controversy, excesses have been inevitable and confusion rampant. The author in the article attempts to bring some order out of the chaos which often surrounds the use of the term "human relations" and to indicate what the term means in the current context. The author also presents his views on some of the most frequent recurring criticism directed at this field. The author believes that an integrated behavioral-science discipline is emerging, and that this development is highly desirable. The emerging scientific discipline of human relations can only gain through seriously heeding the charges directed its way, through conscientious sell-examination, and through a willingness to take corrective action where appropriate.

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