LRP for International Operations

by John Fayerweather



This article has outlined three major areas in which major policy and organization changes are required for satisfactory international operations in the next few years. They are meeting the threat of nationalism, developing local, national executives and lastly, internationalizing management. In each area there are conflicting factors to consider and there are, as always, elements of inertia and ignorance to overcome. There is a pressing need for the U. S. international operations to set their policies so that they will be welcome in countries abroad when the need for our capital and know-how has largely passed. The answer lies essentially in policies that satisfy the major aspirations in the host country falling within the province of the U.S. operations. A basic, if usually unstated, assumption of the U.S. executive development plans is that the executives' attitudes are essentially in accord with the codes and objectives expected of men in top management of policies and so on. This is realistic.

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