The Development of Personnel Administration in Western Europe

by F. Malm



European management faces many serious problems in making the most of manpower. Personnel administration is one of the areas of management that is and has been critically important in economic expansion, for it has to do with the most effective utilization of the manpower available to business units and to governments. It is these human resources which will determine in large part how efficiently the other resources. The purpose of this paper is to report on current problems of personnel administration in Western Europe, to indicate changes, which are taking place in executive development and management education and to make some recommendations for the future. The development of personnel administration, both as a specialized function and as an approach to manpower problems to be used by all members of management, roughly parallels the degree of industrialization of individual countries. These problems include those related to defining policies and objectives, to organizing and manning personnel programs and to using modem personnel methods and techniques. Thus, the broad problems of European economic expansion and industrial development are closely related to the critical factor, management and the ability to organize and deal effectively with the problems of human and other resources in growing business and government enterprises.

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