Structuring and Managing An Organization

by Pearson Hunt



The article presents information on the book "Exploration in Management," by Wilfred Brown. This book offers a scheme for the study of business organizations. Its basic thesis is that primary attention in the planning of an organization must be given to the work to be done. A business can be regarded as a social system, that is to say it is a group of people who are joined together with mutual responsibilities and relationships to carry out the purposes of the firm. These parties are agreed to work together either by desire as entrepreneurs or by contract as employees. In this type of organization there are certain power groups in conflict. There are at least, the shareholders who have invested funds and who have voting power, those who are delegated by the shareholders to run their business, labor, customers. Each of these groups has resources which it may apply to the work of the organization, may deny to it, or may use partially, and the availability of these alternatives creates the power the group or individual is potentially capable of exercising upon the society of which it is a part.

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