The Promotion of International Business

by None Bernhard, Prince of The Netherlands



This article focuses on some aspects of planning for international business. This article also discusses the methods and machinery of international business nor to stress its economic importance. Before the last world war one of the distinctive features of international trade was the continuous flow of industrial consumer goods from industrialized to more or less backward countries and the flow of raw materials and agricultural products in return. The postwar political and economic development has created completely different circumstances. For instance, the demolition of colonialism, the creation of new nations, the emancipation of underdeveloped countries, all tend to enlarge the possibilities for international business but also give it another face. The attempted gradual industrialization of once purely agricultural or mining areas calls for quite another approach in business with such countries, an approach that is often impeded by strong nationalistic and chauvinistic feelings, mixed with a hidden sense of inferiority in the newborn states.

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