How to Assure Poor Long-Range Planning for Your Company

by George Steiner



The article discusses reasons for faulty long range planning. In working with actual planning programs and in combing the literature of planning for helpful hints to improve the process in practice, the author has developed twenty-five reasons for faulty long-range planning. At the outset, these are offered for whatever help they may give a practicing manager who is having problems with his long range planning or one who is interested in avoiding problems in the future. They are not meant for academic scholars, although some may find them useful. Some of the reasons for faulty range planning are, lack of top management support, participation and guidance, failure of top management to make decisions on the basis of planning, inability to clarify the role, inability to clarify the role of long-range planning staff either at corporate or divisional levels, or at both levels. Others are failure to understand that a long-range planning program cannot be introduced over-night and expected to produce miraculous results immediately and failure to understand that long-range planning is a continuous function, not one pursued on an ad hoc basis.

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