Management and the Behavioral Sciences: A Conceptual Scheme

by Maneck Wadia



The subject of management and the behavioral sciences covers a vast field. Not only does this field encompass many disciplines, but it is becoming increasingly important in schools of business, as of September 1965. At University of Chicago, the Behavioral Sciences Department of the Graduate School of Business offers over a dozen courses. In the field of management and the behavioral sciences, as in many other fields, there is a gradual evolution from the age of analysis to an age of synthesis. Although much research has been conducted in the field of the behavioral sciences, many businessmen and scholars find it inapplicable and dull because of its fragmentary nature. However, this research has much to offer when it is synthesized in a form that businessmen will find interesting and useful. Hence, the transition from the analytical to the synthesizing stage is of extreme importance to the scholar and to the businessman. It is already exerting increasing pressures on managerial activities as well as on academic curricula.

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