National Interests and Multinational Business

by Henry Fowler



The major premise of this article is that the resolution of the conflict between national interests and those of the multinational corporation requires the earnest attention of government and business in the free world. What is needed is a pooling of numerous impressions of the nature of this conflict and the studied formulation of an enlightened policy for free world governments and multinational business to follow in their mutual interest. Thus, a basis can be provided to answer two vital and interrelated questions. First question is whether the economic recovery that has characterized the developed countries of the free world since World War II founder on the shoals of nationalism and the second question is whether the multinational corporations be permitted to play their vital role in the less developed countries. The answers to these questions will depend in large measure upon the reconciliation of national interests with those of the multinational private business corporation. Both interests are essential elements in a future that must have both freedom and a healthy, dynamic economic environment for the free world.

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