The Australian Business Climate

by Howard Beale



This article focuses on the condition Australia in international business. Australia is the worlds biggest exporter of wool and lead; the second or third biggest exporter of wheat, sugar, and zinc and the fifth biggest Producer of gold. It is a country that produces and exports large quantities of iron ore, manganese, bauxite, and coal. There are large reserves of copper anti other minerals; substantial reserves of natural gas have been discovered and the commercial production of oil has begun. Although primary products and minerals still dominate export figures, export income from industrial production is rising and now amounts to 13 per cent of the total. It is the area of manufacturing industry that a good deal of our labor force is employed arid into which an increasing proportion of the steady stream of immigrant labor must be absorbed. Australia is a heavy buyer of American goods and military equipment, but her capacity to buy is strained by high tariffs and quotas upon several of her important exports such as wool, lead, meat, arid dairy products. Last year about 23 per cent of Australia's imports came from the United States, but only about 10 percent of the Australian export entered the U.S.

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