The Strategy of Corporate Research & Development

by R. Gibson



The scope and diversity of research and development are vast, including dimensions of varied disciplines, production, organization, varied sponsors, and cultures. Tactics of research and development may be planned considering only one of these dimensions, whereas strategy must be based on an understanding of the entirely of this huge complex. However, before one consider this worldwide arena, one must has an understanding of the meaning of the term strategy, especially as applied to research and development. The importance of timeliness is by no means confined to industrial or military areas of research. The graduate student who finds his subject for a thesis published by another before he has completed his work learns the value of timeliness in a very hard way. In short, research, development, engineering, and production are all highly competitive activities. The competition may be between individuals, between corporations, or between nations or blocs of nations, a game now played in a world arena.

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