Executives’ Wives–The Need for a Positive Company-Sponsored Approach

by Barry Kimmelman



This article examines the executive's wife, her effect on the executive and on his company. The wife is obviously important to the analysis because of her profound effect on her husband. This applies to many aspects of his activities, but from a business viewpoint author is concerned with manifestations in the form of poor concentration, nervousness, worry, lost time, and instability, resulting in low productivity and general ineffectiveness. The wife also has her own special psychological problems. Faced with loneliness and anxieties caused by a traveling husband, she may face deterioration in her sexual life. In her search for affection and love, she may fall into promiscuity. The company head wants an effective manager. He may want to help the couple in trouble but feels that his hands are tied and really is at a loss as to what action to take. The major concern of the company head is that if he gets involved in this area he would be evoking animosity from the manager and his wife.

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