Put Innovation in the Organization Structure

by William Gruber, John Niles



The article comments on innovation in the techniques of management. Research and development (R &D) for new products and processes result in innovations. The quality of management may be more important to the success of a firm than performance in the R &D of new products and processes. Major industries have flirted with failure despite a huge backlog of orders. A management innovation function, similar to the R &D effort for new products and processes, can be developed within a corporation. New management techniques and the utilization of specialized personnel trained with new management knowledge are available at all levels in a corporation. Top management can make it easier or more difficult for lower-level managers to introduce new management knowledge into operations. The most satisfactory progress will be made when an understanding of the transfer process from management science to management practice is available at all levels in the organization. The management innovation effort must recognize the dynamics of organizational change. Operations researchers, computer specialists, econometricians, and other such professionals are not noted for their skills in managing human factors in the process of their work.

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