Corporate Social Reform: An Educator’s Viewpoint

by Dow Votaw



The article presents the author's comments on the issue of corporate social reform. His primary concern is with the need to improve the ability of the corporation to respond to social change and to new social challenges and expectations or to improve the ability of the corporation to perform the broader role being thrust upon it by society. The author concentrates on the mechanisms through which the corporation gets its signals from society. He explains the need to improve corporate sensitivity to changes in society. This emphasis is more concerned with improving a specific means of communication as a step toward improved sensitivity. The author asserts that education is one of society's major instruments for communicating with the corporation, and schools of management are important parts of that instrumentality. They are sources of help, advice, innovation and solace, as well as mechanisms for bringing about change. If management is ever to be regarded as a profession on a level comparable to some of the more established ones, the schools of management will have to begin to realize some of their potential as leaders of that profession. The social reform of management education must accompany the social reform of the corporation.

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