The Consumer Interest: The Role of Public Policy

by Mary Jones

Fall 1973

Volume 16
Issue 1

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The article focuses on the role of public policy in consumer interest in the U.S. as of 1973. The fate of the economy and the efficiency with which it allocates resources and distributes income are critical and pivotal interests of consumers, concerned as they are with the ability to survive as a species. And consumers are beginning to talk about the functioning of market system and its capability of assuring the development of an economic and social environment which will be responsive to the long-range concerns confronting the U.S. The changes in consumer attitudes and expectations during the last decade have been monumental. Possession and consumption today are taken for granted by most and even criticized by some. More and more consumers are beginning to appreciate some of the costs to society of the material abundance which people have gained after seeking so long. Consumers are beginning to ask whether so many of the products which are such an integral part of the daily living are worth the cost in pollution and consumption of precious energy resources.

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