Increasing the Effectiveness of Marketing Research

by David Aaker, George Day



The article suggests two approaches to marketing research that managers can use to improve its effectiveness. The first is to integrate marketing research into a planning and information system. The goal is to consider research as part of the ongoing decision-making system and its supporting information system instead of a series of isolated ad hoc projects that are conceived and implemented in response to a particular and immediate need for information. The second is to specify a research purpose that will identify the necessary decisions. Managers frustrated because information from marketing research is lacking, incomplete, or off-target should consider linking marketing research with the marketing planning and information system (MPIS). The MPIS can precipitate needed research in a timely fashion, link marketing research to the decisions involved in the creation and implementation of strategic and tactical plans, and encourage the ongoing use of this research. Managers should also consider developing the research purpose apart from the research objective and using the research purpose to link the research objective and research design to the decision.

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