The Channels Manager: Marketing’s Newest Aide?

by Donald Jackson, Bruce Walker



The article examines the rationale for having a channels manager, organizational considerations affecting the position, job description, and possible limitations associated with this new position. The term channels manager refers to a particular position within a firm rather than the role assumed by an entire firm within a distribution channel. The perspective of this article is that of a manufacturer rather than a retailer or wholesaler, since that is the type of firm in which the position is most plausible. The importance of the channel of distribution creates a need for its own full-time management. Managed channels can achieve peak performance more quickly, be more profitable, and be more effective than channels which simply evolve. The channels manager would be responsible for the basic managerial functions related to distribution channels: planning, coordination, and evaluation and control. Addition of this position could produce two major benefits, co-ordination of control, and full-time attention to the important area of managing marketing channels. Despite its drawbacks, the position of a channels manager in manufacturing firms merits serious consideration.

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