The Value Palette: A Tool for Full Spectrum Strategy

by Jed Emerson, Seb Beloe, John Elkington



How might we spur new thinking about value creation as markets become more transparent and more demanding, as civil society organizations become more influential, and as capitalism itself mutates in response to drivers such as globalization? Managers will need new tools to help manage the new market demands. The most successful companies will design, market, and deliver well-balanced “Value Blends” to consumers, customers, and, ultimately, investors. Sound non-financial management will be a necessary—but far from sufficient—condition for sustained market success. The business of business is value creation. Value creation processes around the world will need to become more transparent and intelligible if they are to be seen as politically legitimate. The Value Palette is an evolving conceptual tool designed to help managers think about—and operate across—the evolving Value Spectrum.

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