Connect-in-Place: Startup Disrupts Socializing and Learning During COVID-19

by Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Two UC Berkeley students forced into online classes during COVID-19 realized - due to their volunteer experiences championing educational equality - that younger students (K-12) could suffer social isolation and reduced learning opportunities. So, the undergrads brainstormed how to tackle new educational and emotional challenges pre-college students faced due to pandemic restrictions. Connect-In-Place (CIP) launched in June 2020 fulfilling the mission of building a learning community to ease isolation. In the ongoing pandemic, the founders considered how to sustain CIP: Profit or nonprofit? Could volunteer college students remain committed during full-time school? How to measure CIP’s impact?


Pub Date: July 1, 2021

Discipline: Entrepreneurship

Subjects: Activism, Learning, Education, Community-based organizations

Product #: B5977-PDF-ENG

Industry: Educational Services

Geography: United States, California

Length: 9 page(s)

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