Aptera Motors

by Lee Fleming and Olav Sorenson

Aptera is on its second life. It originally began as a VC-backed electric car company in the 1990s. But that first life ended badly, as the company could not raise enough money to keep going in the wake of the financial crisis (Part A). The original founders have resurrected the company with a new, more capital efficient, approach to production (Part B) and a solar panel powered design. To finance the venture, they have been considering using some of the new provisions available for equity crowdfunding, including Reg CF and Reg A+, instead of going the VC route (Part C).


Pub Date: April 1, 2022

Discipline: Entrepreneurship

Subjects: Entrepreneurial finance, Strategy, Operations strategy, Business failures, Electric cars, Venture capital, Crowdfunding, Production, Market entry

Product #: B5999-PDF-ENG

Industry: Automobiles

Geography: United States

Length: 8 page(s)

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