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The Management of Creativity
Suojanen, Waino W., and Steven Brooke
14/1  (Fall 1971): 17-23

The article presents information on the management of creativity. The creative process is perhaps the most personal and individualistic of all man's mental undertakings. Because of this, and because even the most articulate creative individual finds difficulty in describing to others the nature of the process, there would appear to be little hope of ever developing a theory which would provide guidance in the area of management of creativity. Creativity, no matter where it is found, appears to follow no fixed rules. It adheres to no formal patterns of logic. The creative process, in essence, is antithetic to almost all the principles on which current management theories are based. In practice, the theory of the scheduling of invention is much more advanced than is the theory of the management of creativity. Many creative people, when questioned, argue that they should not be managed. In the discussion that is presented in this article the author attempt to show that all of these views are incorrect. Further, we hope to prove that current theories supply inadequate guidance for managing creative people.

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