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The Economics of Strategies

Evaluating four approaches to competitive advantage.

Ram Shivakumar  

COVID-Imposed Opportunity to Selectively Unlearn Past Practices

Pandemic conditions have forced most organizations to evolve, leaving old practices behind.

Vijay Govindarajan et al.  

Technology for Social Impact: Taking Stock of the Field, What is Working, and What is Not

While the social technology ecosystem is highly innovative, many efforts fail to achieve scale or impact.

corporate social responsibility
Shashi Buluswar  

Empower Your Employees Through the Pandemic With These 4 Ts

Managers must empower their employees with new tools as COVID has decentralized the workforce.

Carsten Lund Pedersen  

Tap Your Knowledge Wisely

How multinational firms and new ventures internationalize in crisis times

Christiane Prange et al.  

Phasing Out Single-Use Plastics in Grocery Retailing

Addressing the sustainability paradox will require both the selfish agent and the moral actor within each us.

Lefteris Kioses et al.  

Cultural Resilience and the Italian Response to the Global Health Pandemic

Lessons from Italy's early battle with COVID-19.

Francesca Sanguineti et al.  

Post-Pandemic Privacy

Pandemic management has taken on an ethical dimension - and the privacy question will remain long after crisis subsides.

Mark Esposito et al.  

How Does Your Labor Force React to COVID-19? Employing Social Media Analytics for Preemptive Decision Making

Social media analytics can be a powerful tool for business leaders in times of crisis.

human resources
Patrick Tinguely et al.  

Six Economics Lessons for Managers

Understanding fundamental economic principles can enhance the managerial approach to value creation.

Ram Shivakumar  

Uncertain Times, Certain Opportunity

Uncertainty due to COVID-19 has created anxiety for firms. But uncertainty also allows learning and positive change.

Mark Griffin et al.  

Leading in a Troubled World: Lessons from COVID-19

The true test of leadership comes during times of crisis.

Tanusree Jain et al.  

Entrepreneuring in a Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World: Perspectives of Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists

The future is built by entrepreneurs, even during a pandemic.

Mark V. Cannice  

Conscientious Organizations: How Business is Accelerating Toward a Fairer Future

This year presents an opportunity for organizations to seek greater purpose and fairness.

corporate social responsibility
Nicholas Ind et al.  

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