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Open Innovation’s "Multiunit Back-End Problem": How Corporations Can Overcome Business Unit Rivalry

In the banking industry, collaboration with startups can rapidly accelerate digital transformatio...


Evolving a Value Chain to an Open Innovation Ecosystem: Cognitive Engagement of Stakeholders in Customizing Medical Implants

Optimal innovation strategies now involve a large variety of internal and external participants.


Open Innovation for Wicked Problems: Using Proximity to Overcome Barriers

Open innovation is a viable strategy to solve wicked problems, but their complexity makes managem...


Tackling Societal Challenges with Open Innovation

The ultimate objective of innovation should be to create value - and in this era, the process of ...

Change Management

Ready or Not: Managers’ and Employees’ Different Perceptions of Digital Readiness

Digital transformation is now an essential requirement in the financial sector. It is important t...


Ten Things Every Manager Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior

Whether they're aware of it or not, managers influence the people they work with every day throug...


Blurring the Lines between Physical and Digital Spaces: Business Model Innovation in Retailing

Alternative physical retail spaces can be designed to meet new omnichannel demands.


New Product Development in an Omnichannel World

Firms need to adapt their new product development capabilities rapidly to keep pace with evolving...


When Agile Harms Learning and Innovation: (and What Can Be Done About It)

Agile approaches inherited from software development can promote flexibility, with certain drawba...

Decision Making

Using Bayesian Updating to Improve Decisions under Uncertainty

Decision making requires managers to constantly estimate the probability of uncertain outcomes an...


Navigating the New Era of Influencer Marketing: How to be Successful on Instagram, TikTok, & Co.

Influencer marketing represents a $10 billion industry in 2020 and is becoming of increasing rele...


Changing the Work of Innovation: A Systems Approach

The Work System Approach can help leaders foster innovation for long-term organic growth.


Digital Artifacts in Industrial Co-creation: How to Use VR Technology to Bridge the Provider-Customer Boundary

Developments in the VR space provide new opportunities for industrial co-creators collaborating o...


Digital Mindsets: Recognizing and Leveraging Individual Beliefs for Digital Transformation

Cultivating a mindset that favors collaboration and agility can help employees who feel threatene...


Digital Transformation and Organization Design: An Integrated Approach

Organizational systems should be optimized for effective collaboration on digital transformation ...


Mastering the Digital Transformation of Sales

The latest advances in digital technology hold the potential to revolutionize the sales process.


Managing Digital Transformation: Scope of Transformation and Modalities of Value Co-Generation and Delivery

The proliferation of new digital technologies is extending the horizon of firm activity. Digital ...


Implementing a Digital Strategy: Learning from the Experience of Three Digital Transformation Projects

Most attempts at digital transformation fail because of poor strategy execution.


Strategies for Digitalization in Manufacturing Firms

Many manufacturing firms have seen digitalization as a means of increasing efficiency. But too fe...


Data-Driven, Data-Informed, Data-Augmented: How Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Unit Uses Data for Continuous Product Innovation

To stay ahead of the competition, firms must continuously learn from their customers and swiftly ...


Startup Supplier Programs: A New Model for Managing Corporate-Startup Partnerships

Outside-in programs allow larger firms to harness the entrepreneurial vitality of smaller startups.


The Risk of De-Risking Innovation: Optimal R&D Strategies in Ambiguous Environments

How can firms promote innovation under highly ambiguous conditions? Over recent decades, the majo...


Friedman at 50: Is It Still the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase Profits?

Fifty years ago Milton Friedman famously argued that the social responsibility of business is to ...


Transformational Leader or Narcissist? How Grandiose Narcissists Can Create and Destroy Organizations and Institutions

The same features that can make a strong leader - like confidence, charisma, and the willingness ...


Design Thinking Inspired Crowdsourcing: Toward a Generative Model of Complex Problem Solving

Some models of design thinking used in modern organizations fall short because they're too detach...


Integrating Design into Organizations: The Coevolution of Design Capabilities

Organizational leaders are increasingly turning to design approaches as a panacea for uncertainty...


The Social Psychology of Design Thinking

Design is all around us. There are four principles common to many design thinking approaches. To ...


Putting Technology in Its Place: Design Thinking’s Social Technology at Work

Design thinking can be a critical facilitator of new technologies, but it is also a technology in...

Design-Led Strategy: How To Bring Design Thinking Into The Art of Strategic Management

Design thinking has emerged as an important way for designers to draw on rich customer insights t...


Regaining R&D Leadership: The Role of Design Thinking and Creative Forbearance

This article examines how Siemen's molecular imaging group incorporated design thinking principle...


Designing the Future: Strategy, Design, and the 4th Industrial Revolution--An Introduction to the Special Issue

This introduction to the special issue on design thinking explores the idea of DT and whether DT ...


To Frame or Reframe: Where Might Design Thinking Research Go Next?

Design Thinking is a major area of emerging research, examining the process of good design. It is...


Implementing Design Thinking: Understanding Organizational Conditions

The advent of design thinking as a tool for innovation has led to its adoption in many organizati...

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