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Three Attributes of Strategy

Because strategy is not a complete plan, interdependencies account for eventual outcomes.

Ram Shivakumar  

Why Does Misinformation Spread So Quickly?

How should organizations successfully address anti-vaccination messaging?

Z. Justin Ren  

Are Executives Blindsided by Competition?

The competitive intelligence revolution began in the 1980s but remains as important as ever.

Benjamin Gilad  

Towards Responsible Digital Transformation

Pervasive digitization will require the creation of responsible shared policies.

Jonathan Zhang et al.  

Rebuilding a Company with Artificial Intelligence

Implementing AI is an important undertaking for organizations across all industries.

Al Naqvi et al.  

Doubling Down on Double Sandwich Tax Schemes

Digital multinationals are facing increased scrutiny from tax authorities worldwide.

international business
Anup Srivastava et al.  

AI in Agriculture: Is the Grass Greener?

AI offers the tools to boost farm yield and quality and truly transform agriculture.

J. Mark Munoz  

Flu Season & Presenteeism: You’re Not Saving Anyone Money

Coming in to work while you're sick is more harmful than you might expect.

human resources
David Salisbury  

The Future Titans

These growing industries provide ample opportunities for innovation.

David Salisbury  

Implementing Design Thinking: Understanding Organizational Conditions

Few design interventions lead to successful long-term integration of design thinking.

California Management Review  

Managing Knowledge Sharing-Protecting Tensions in Coupled Innovation Projects Among Several Competitors

Collaboration among multiple participants requires trust.

California Management Review  

Why Giants Stumble

Why do large successful public companies and their CEOs suddenly weaken?

California Management Review  

Embracing Digital Transformation as-a-Service

Businesses will find new opportunities in DTaaS software platforms.

Jonathan Zhang et al.  

AI in Business: Seeing through the Fog of War

Much like war, contemporary business is filled with risk and uncertainty.

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin et al.  

Megatrends in Executive Education

The demand for executive education is likely to expand rapidly.

Ram Shivakumar  

5 Ways To An Effective AI Corporate Strategy

AI should be trained based on the specific needs of your organization.

Oliver Degnan et al.  

The Benefits of Being an Earth-Friendly Business

Recent wildfires in Australia have further highlighted the need for rapid climate action.

corporate social responsibility
David Salisbury  

Dispensaries Prove Physical Store Allure Still Exists

The budding legal cannabis industry provides compelling reasons for customers to shop in-store.

David Salisbury  

Strategy as Questions

The practice of strategy remains an elusive skill for many companies, but framing strategy as a series of questions c...

Ram Shivakumar  

A Ghost Workers’ Bill of Rights: How to Establish a Fair and Safe Gig Work Platform

How should companies ensure fair treatment of workers in the gig economy?

Julian Friedland et al.  

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