Getting AI Implementation Right: Insights from a Global Survey

by Rebecka C. Ångström, Michael Björn, Linus Dahlander, Magnus Mähring, and Martin W. Wallin


Getting AI Implementation Right: Insights from a Global Survey

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While the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is pervasive, many companies struggle with AI implementation challenges. This article presents results from a survey of 2,525 decision-makers with AI experience in China, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States—as well as interviews with 16 AI implementation experts—in order to understand the challenges companies face when implementing AI. The study covers technological, organizational, and cultural factors and identifies key challenges and solutions for AI implementation. This article develops a diagnostic framework to help executives navigate AI challenges as companies gain momentum, manage organization-wide complexities, and curate a network of partners, algorithms, and data sources to create value through AI.

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