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Hope and Grit: How Human-Centered Product Design Enhanced Student Mental Health

Two organizations that focus on tech-based health innovation have partnered t...

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Design Thinking Inspired Crowdsourcing: Toward a Generative Model of Complex Problem Solving

Approaches to design from the business world have been criticized for their d...


Implementing Design Thinking: Understanding Organizational Conditions

Few design interventions lead to successful long-term integration of design t...


The Social Psychology of Design Thinking

Like all decisions, design decisions are related to human psychology.


Designing the Future: Strategy, Design, and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Can design thinking enhance the impact of technological innovation on complex...


Putting Technology in Its Place: Design Thinking’s Social Technology at Work

Design thinking should be considered a technology in its own right.


Design-Led Strategy: How to Bring Design Thinking Into The Art of Strategic Management

How should managers bring customer data into their day-to-day strategic plann...


Integrating Design into Organizations: The Coevolution of Design Capabilities

Blending design practice with engineering and management practice can be a co...


To Frame or Reframe: Where Might Design Thinking Research Go Next?

How does design thinking fit within other approaches to framing and solving p...


Regaining R&D Leadership: The Role of Design Thinking and Creative Forbearance

Siemens’s molecular imaging group incorporated design thinking into R&D to re...


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