corporate social responsibility

When CEOs Should Take a Stand in a Fractured World

Taking a stand on political issues is a signaling tool: What are you trying t...

David Bach  

The New Data Management Model: Effective Data Management for AI Systems

As AI and data are critical to businesses, ensuring the data used in AI syste...

Luca Collina et al.  

From Debriefing Management to Briefing Management: Pioneering Future-Oriented Strategies in the Digital Age

Shifting from past-focused to future-ready decision-making with digital innov...

Thierry Warin  

There’s Hope for the Metaverse – Just Not the Metaverse We Thought

How do we digitally represent an online multi-sensory, social event.

Robert D. Austin et al.  

3 Models for Assessing and Improving AI Corporate Performance

Companies need to assess their current AI operational readiness and performan...

J. Mark Munoz et al.  

Three Timeless Entrepreneurship Lessons from the Eiffel Tower's Tumultuous Story

The story of the famous tower's conception exemplifies core lessons for succe...

Jérôme Barthélemy  

Practical Quantum Computing is about More Than Just Hardware

This joint work between Accenture and MIT proposes a novel “Quantum Economic ...

Neil Thompson et al.  

Designing the Hybrid Work Model: Strategies for Success

Shape the future of work by designing your hybrid work for success.

Sandilya NNK et al.  
corporate social responsibility

Want a Healthier Workforce? Take a Look at Your Pay Strategy

Leveraging pay policies to enhance employee well-being.

Gordon Sayre et al.  

Generative AI Adoption and Three Traps for Organizational Agility

Generative AI offers promise for organizational agility, but managers must be...

Josh Morton  
corporate social responsibility

Why Firms Are Not Reporting Their Scope 3 CO2 Emissions

Scope 3 reporting is not merely an “ESG activity” but is also a broader strat...

Lorenz Graf-Vlachy et al.  

How Chinese Companies are Dominating Electric Vehicle Market Worldwide

BYD manufactured over 3 million new energy vehicles in 2023, surpassing Tesla...

Mokter Hossain  

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