Wearable Devices to Revolutionize Health Care

Portable health technology can improve quality of life for patients. However, they bring some threat to personal data.

Mokter Hossain  

Realizing and Overcoming the Digital Myopia

Firms must realize and overcome digital myopia to reap the complete harvest of digitalization.

Vijaya Sunder M et al.  

Thinking of Cutting Your Leader Development Program? Think Again.

Avoiding costly turnover with employee development programs should be top of every firm's priorities.

David Livingston  

Business Experiments as Activity Systems, Far Beyond Tests

Business experiments are a key paradigm for growing and scaling businesses.

Roger Chen et al.  

Enhancing the Frontline Employee’s AI Performance

Companies are infusing AI in a multitude of ways to boost workplace performance.

J. Mark Munoz et al.  

Why the Future Belongs to Empathetic Technologists

Truly understanding customers and how consumer culture evolves dictates a firm's ultimate success.

Carsten Lund Pedersen  
corporate social responsibility

Why “Think Globally, Act Locally” is a Dangerous Strategy for Emerging Markets

Foreign firms’ efforts to behave like locals may be counterproductive, costly, & expose executives to liability.

Gilbert Kofi Adarkwah  

The Future of Business on the Internet

From the Metaverse to a new world of Web 3.0 decentralized innovations.

Thierry Warin  

Knowledge-Powered Strategy

Companies often fail to make the connection between their strategy and organizational knowledge management.

Mostafa Sayyadi et al.  

Taking Advantage of NFTs to Enhance Your Online Community

Companies are catching on to how NFTs can rally community support and reduce operational load.

Julian Mueller et al.  

Five Post-Pandemic Tech Trends Poised to Transform Business Education

What we can expect in the New Normal

Tiffany Bayley et al.  

CRISPR: What Managers Need to Know About the Emerging Genetic Revolution

Exploring the potential transformative effect CRISPR technology could have on an array of industries.

Andrew Park et al.  

Whose Disruptions are Winning the Autonomous Driving Race?

When disruptive innovations come to cities.

Maximilian Richter et al.  

Aligning Performance Metrics in Outcome-Based Contracts

How can performance measurement systems have a harmonious working relationship?

Andy Neely et al.  

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