Strategizing for the Electrification Era: How the Ford Story is Unfolding

Unfolding the electrification strategy at Ford Motor Company

Hanan Al Haddi  

The Transformation of Hyundai Motor Company to a “Big Three” (American) Automobile Company

Insights into the Dynamic Capabilities of Jose Munoz, President and CEO, Hyundai

David J. Teece  
corporate social responsibility

Reassessing the Boundaries of Government

EU’s move to tax windfall profits of energy companies reflects the growing imperative and needs of the time.

Anup Srivastava et al.  

Harnessing Alternative Data for Competitive Advantage

Companies now have access to a tsunami of non-traditional data for creating and capturing value.

Anil K. Gupta et al.  
corporate social responsibility

The Regulation Revolution: How Firms Can Prepare for ESG Disclosure Requirements

Firms must ensure they are ready for rapidly approaching new ESG disclosure regulation.

Aideen O'Dochartaigh  

Achieving a Competitive Advantage Through Readily Available Practices

Contrary to received wisdom, firms can outperform their competitors by implementing standard practices.

Jérôme Barthélemy  

Ditch the Script! Here’s How Customer Service Agents Lead with the Heart

In human-centered service, agents apply their full humanity to customer interactions—leveraging AI as a helpful tool.

Jonathan Hughes et al.  
corporate social responsibility

You May Need to Change How You Manage Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices should target synergy from diversity to realize business case for diversity.

Daan Van Knippenberg  

Synthetic Media: What Managers Need to Know about this Emergent Phenomenon

Recommendations to prepare for and mitigate potential harmful effects of synthetic media incidents.

Lucas Whittaker et al.  

How Firms can Plan for Risk in a Data Saturated World: The Goals, Decisions, Signals, Data (GDSD) Model

How to perform and stay efficient.

Daniel J. Finkenstadt et al.  

Smart Buildings and the Management Paradigm Shift

AI is providing building operators new capabilities for improving operations, incorporating internal & external datas...

Steve Griffith et al.  
corporate social responsibility

Why Patagonia's Founder Felt He had to Give His Company Away

There was no other way to maintain the company's environmentalist views & encourage enlightened capitalism.

James O'Toole  

The Customer Service Mindset that Creates Successful Change

Leaders interacting with employees with a bottom-up approach enables better output.

Bradley Hastings et al.  

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