How to Adapt to AI in Strategic Management

Developing an effective AI-powered implementation strategy despite cultural and structural barriers.

Mostafa Sayyadi et al.  
corporate social responsibility

America’s Broken Recycling System

Our survey of nine major cities shows inconsistent recycling practices lead to high disposal errors.

Christian Blanco et al.  
corporate social responsibility

Is it Time to Consider a National Recycling Standard?

We believe that a solution to a broken recycling industry in the U.S. is standardizing data collection and reporting.

Christian Blanco et al.  

Synergistic Frontiers: Human Expertise and AI-Driven Language Models in Management

The collaborative synergy between human expertise and AI-Driven Language Models for boundary-pushing knowledge.

Soumodip Sarkar  
international business

The B20 Integrity and Compliance Recommendations: An International Framework for Action

The core recommendations offer a strong focus on ESG initiatives.

Daniel Malan et al.  

Leveraging Digital Twins to Attain a Competitive Edge

Leveraging the power of digital twins for business innovation and public policy insights.

Thierry Warin  

Supporting Productivity with a ‘Remote-first’ Approach

A “remote-first” approach allows leaders to foster high trust & high competency work environments.

Yolanda Blavo et al.  

“Data-Driven” is Not Enough

Managers often focus on data, but it is equally important to prioritize mental frameworks.

Michael Matthews et al.  

Medical and Social Scientists as Strategic Advisors: The Case of GloPID-R in 2021

Scenario planning helped scientists to do strategy with a different epistemology in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giuseppe Paparella et al.  

Has Technology Sector Lost its Dominance?

Are today's doom and gloom fears for the tech sector merited or unwarranted?

Anup Srivastava et al.  

In the COVID Era, Why Corporate Health Benefits Demand CEO/CFO Leadership

CEOs need to change corporate management of health care benefits.

Regina Herzlinger  
corporate social responsibility

Corporate Activism When the Stakes Are High

How traditional organizations can navigate the space of corporate activism.

Aileen Noonan et al.  

Sweden Is Top In Pop – Five Business Takeaways

Business guidance from Stockholm’s wildly-successful music industry.

G. Tomas M. Hult et al.  

Will Metaverse Take the Omnichannel Experience Forward?

Metaverse, with its immersive and interactive nature, promises a superior performance compared to Omnichannel.

Sanchit Misra et al.  

Myths and Realities of the Metaverse

Companies in the Metaverse can learn a lot from the experience of firms active in Second Life.

Jérôme Barthélemy et al.  

Extending Open Innovation – How to Orchestrate Your Knowledge Flows

Overcome the most pressing barriers to Open Innovation with Inside-In and Outside-Out knowledge flow practices.

Tobias Gutmann et al.  

Are Customer Expectations Skyrocketing – What Can Companies Do?

Examining customer expectations with input from 10 million customer surveys over 30 years.

G. Tomas M. Hult et al.  

Are Tech Layoffs a Major Disruption or a Just Minor Course Correction from Past Excesses?

Is excessive hiring to blame for mass layoffs plaguing the tech world?

Anup Srivastava et al.  

Dilemmas of ChatGPT in Content Creation Industry

We explore dilemmas in ChatGPT & the content creative industry.

Mark Esposito et al.  

How Best to Use a Company’s Resources

Companies should be cost-sustainable, value-chain efficient, & marketplace effective.

Konstantinos Bozos et al.  

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