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Purpose, Digitalization, and Scale Can Address the Grand Challenge of Universal Healthcare

The healthcare grand challenge is to bring high quality healthcare to all.

Loizos Heracleous  

Stop Saying “We Live in VUCA Times”

Rather than sloganeering, understand VUCA as a dynamic tool empowering nuance...

Alessandro Lanteri  

Decoding the Augmented Intelligence Matrix for Operational Excellence in the Digital Era

The Augmented Intelligence Matrix can serve as a guide for managers.

Vijaya Sunder M et al.  

Scaling Digital Solutions in Traditional Industries: A Mission Impossible for Small Firms?

Three lessons learned to configure a successful scale-up journey.

Patricia Carolina Garcia Martin et al.  

The Yin and Yang in Cross-Listing

Carefully choose foreign equity locations to get favorable valuation for your...

Anish Purkayastha et al.  

Critical Issues About A.I. Accountability Answered

A.I. accountability models remain contentious, but executives must assume res...

Luca Collina et al.  

Scarcity as Strategy: Innovative Business Models for a Resilient Future

We explore the various forms of scarcity faced by customers and employees.

Chris P. Blocker et al.  

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