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corporate social responsibility

Is ESG Simply the Old CSR Wine in a New Bottle?

ESG initiatives will provide little social value if firms do not improve conditions that led CSR to fail.

Nives Dolsak et al.  

Securing the Upside of Digital Transformation BEFORE Implementation

How to keep digital transformation simple, explicit, and customer-centric.

Işık Biçer  

The Growing Imperative to Build Leadership in Fourth Industrial Revolution

Firms must capitalize on growing opportunities to seize prominence in the tech revolution.

Vijay Govindarajan et al.  

Digital Transformation as Disruptive Strategy

Using data and disruptive technology to unlock growth, build resilience, and create shareholder value.

Ashish Sinha et al.  

Making Sure You Are Compliant With Consumer Privacy Acts in 2022

It's important to ensure your company is compliant with ever-increasing privacy laws.

Natalie Redman  

“Controlled Escalation”: A Spiral Model of Continuous Change in Platform Competition

Compared to multinational firms, digital platforms follow a distinctive spiral model of continuous change in market l...

Feng Li  
corporate social responsibility

Seven Innovative Ways in Which Companies are Changing CSR (and the World)

Whether self-serving or altruistic, companies' duty to contribute to society is becoming more and more expected.

Debbie Haski-Leventhal et al.  

The ABCs of Making Executives Digitally Literate

Executives should familiarize themselves with analytics, coding, and digital business strategies.

Carsten Lund Pedersen  

Self-Driving Robots: A Revolution in the Local Delivery

Self-driving robots can revolutionize delivery and are quickly becoming omnipresent in urban areas.

Mokter Hossain  

The Importance of Protecting Jobs and Workers Rights during Crises

Employment rights cannot be overruled, even during a crisis.

Chokri Kooli  

Unlocking Growth in Professional Services by Saying ‘No’

Value generating resources can make for counterintuitive strategic decisions.

Chris Meyer et al.  
corporate social responsibility

Modern Slavery in Global Supply Chains: The Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened already terrible working conditions in many supply chains.

Cory Searcy et al.  
corporate social responsibility

The Rapid Rise and Fall of Biotech Stocks Adversely Impacts the Society

It affects the fortunes of the biotechnology sector as a whole and populations in need of healthcare solutions.

Vijay Govindarajan et al.  

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