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corporate social responsibility

Beyond Corporate Social Opportunity: Turning Social Moments into Strategic Purpose

Economic & social shocks present opportunities to connect with people and create economic value.

Brian Bolton et al.  

Four Essential Capabilities for Successful Platform Development

We identify four essential capabilities required for successful platform development.

Feng Li et al.  
corporate social responsibility

We Shall Overcome: Addressing a History of Inaction on DEI in Tech Startups & Venture Capital

Tech and VC firms may finally be getting serious about Diversity, Equality & Inclusion.

Mike Grandinetti  

Four by Four: Unintended Risks of People Analytics

It's important to understand the risks of collecting and applying data in people management.

Emmanuel Senior Tenakwah  

Your Company Needs a Social Media Ethics Code

A company ethics code can mitigate increasing risks of social media.

Dan Prud'homme et al.  

Sustainability is no Longer Enough: How Corporations are Becoming the New Climate Activists

Companies need to join the forefront of the environmental movement.

Debbie Haski-Leventhal et al.  

The Great Recalibration: Ways Companies Reconfigure to Find Digital Success

Firms must prepare to adjust to the next technological revolution.

J. Mark Munoz  

Managing the Barriers to Startup Scalability

Inability to scale up is what often prevents firms from reaching full potential.

Helen Yu et al.  

Digital Smallness at Work – Shrinking the Enterprise?

Social media & the online world has turned our networks and thinking narrower.

Terence Tse et al.  

Starting the AI Journey: How to Make the Right First Steps

AI still has an aura of uncertainty that scares off many who wish to utilize it.

J. Mark Munoz et al.  

The Advantage of Expat Leaders for Culturally Diverse Teams in International Business

Cultural diversity is a proven major advantage for an international business firm.

Katja Raithel et al.  

Strategizing During a Crisis - What the Covid Pandemic Reveals About Your Company

How can a company stay and become more agile in turbulent times?

Samuel Loher et al.  

Biden’s Antitrust Turn: The 2021 Antitrust Executive Order and its implications for Firms and their Executives

Biden's EO may mean an interventionist approach to competition policy worldwide.

Dr. Yusaf H. Akbar  

What is Customer-Centricity, and Why Does It Matter?

Despite the buzz, there's much confusion of how to put its principles into practice.

Jonathan Hughes et al.  

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