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Getir: A Remarkable Example of a Digital Disrupter from An Emerging Market

The e-grocer has quickly introduced a disruptive, innovative, and lucrative business model.

M. Mithat √úner et al.  

The Making of Creative Breakthroughs

Research shows that both insiders and outsiders could solve innovation problems depending on how they tackle it.

Oguz A. Acar  

Digital Prowess: Technology Skills Expectations in the Contemporary Workplace

Are your employees familiar with these emerging technologies?

J. Mark Munoz  

The Challenges of Work From Home for Organizational Design

While WFH has proven to have certain advantages, organizations should be cautious before fully committing.

Prothit Sen et al.  

How Have Organizational Cultures Shifted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

... and what might need to change back?

N. Derek Brown et al.  

Will Netflix Become the Next Blockbuster?

Can Netflix maintain its lead in streaming amid the surge of new competitors?

Richin Jose  

The Tug of War in AI Decision Responsibility

Governments lag behind the private sector in their understanding of AI. What happens if an AI system fails?

Melodena Stephens et al.  

The Geometry of Organizational AI Culture

An organization's approach to artificial intelligence is largely dictated by its culture.

J. Mark Munoz et al.  

Leveraging the Physical Store to Boost Customer Value - Providing the Right Engagement at the Right Time

Despite the growth in e-commerce, many customers still value in-store options.

Jonathan Zhang et al.  

Building Marketing Capabilities on Real-time Customer Conversations for Revenue and Growth

Focus on consumer choice behavior.

Jifeng Mu  

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