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Predicting Student Success in Graduate Business Courses
Kirk, Barbara , Roger W. Cummings, and Leonard D. Goodstein
5/1  (Fall 1962): 63-66

This article presents a study on the relationship between selected psychological tests and course grades at the Graduate School of Business Administration. The study consisted of two parts: first, group testing of admitted students and second, individual testing of students prior to a decision regarding their admittance into the graduate program. Both of these testing programs were in addition to the regular criteria of admission used by the Graduate School of Business Administration, e.g., completion of undergraduate work, undergraduate grades, etc. In the first phase of the study, tests assessing scholastic aptitude, measured vocational interests, and attitudes toward college were given during the first week of each semester to all admitted students in the Graduate School of Business Administration. The Michigan vocabulary profile test was primarily designed to differentiate vocabulary ability in eight different fields: human relations, commerce, government, physical sciences, biological sciences, mathematics, fine arts and sports. Knowledge of vocabulary or terminology in these fields indicates both the interest and capacity necessary to acquire and retain such information.

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