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The C.A.S.E. Approach--A Valuable Aid for Management Development
Rothschild, William E.
14/1  (Fall 1971): 31-38

The article presents information on Computer Assisted Simulation Exercises (C.A.S.E.). C.A.S.E. as developed and tested at the General Electric Management Development Institute, can be used as an effective instrument for accelerating the growth of "general managers." Were you to observe a simulation exercise you might get the feeling that nothing new and startling is happening. Teams of managers are gathered in a small conference room. Discussion is centered around familiar topics: (1) what price should we charge?, (2) how much should we spend on advertising and engineering?, (3) what about capacity?, (4) is the market going to continue at the same rate? and (5) will we be ready when our newest product innovation materializes? Computerized simulation-or business games, as they are commonly called-aren't new. What is new, the author believe, is our concerted effort to make them effective learning aids. The article will review only briefly the need for and the educational philosophy of C.A.S.E. and what these exercises consist of and why. This is a preamble to what could be done if and only if, educators, managers and computer modellers join forces to make things happen.

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