Is Inflation Inevitable?

by W. Crum



There is no such thing as a little or "controlled" inflation and those who advocate it, often for selfish reasons, are playing with fire, this observer of the economic scene warns and offers a plan to debunk the inflation and enlist the aid of honest citizens to halt the mounting price and wage spiral before it is too late. Inflation is everybody's business. It affects every pocketbook, every dollar of savings or capital reserve, every purchase, every contract or other commitment involving a term of time and in the long run, every job. Therefore, the present and continuing threat of inflation in the economic affairs is vitally important to everyone and it is discussed not just in terms of its effect on business, but of its often disastrous impact on the welfare of our country and of citizens in general. Inflation is actively and powerfully promoted by various citizens and groups of citizens. Inflation, is in the public interest and particularly it is an essential means for providing economic growth and high employment.

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