Some Implications of the Newer Analytic Approaches to Management

by W. Cooper



The liaison between science and management, which has made terms such as linear programming and statistical decision theory part of the business vocabulary, is now being extended in this country and abroad to open new horizons for business and the scientist. Here is a quick roundup of developments to date and a look into the future. It is the liaison that has now been effected between management and science. There is therefore no great need to dwell on this so let us refer, instead, to another aspect of the liaison by means of which the problems and processes of management are used as a stimulus (and even a guide) for research which is designed to push back the boundaries of science itself. This has naturally attracted some of the best and most distinguished scientific talent. The efforts of these scientists have been intense and sustained so that, apparently, they find the problem materials here both scientifically satisfying and rewarding. That is, they have been satisfied in terms of the depth associated with the challenges here; they have also found their endeavors rewarded by fruitful contributions to science as well as management.

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