John Richards–California Pioneer of Management Thought

by Richard Whiting



John Richard's, pioneer of management thoughts, writing belong among the writings which make up classical management literature. Most of his concepts of management are as applicable today as they were when first written, almost seventy years ago. These contributions need to be added to the body of accepted management doctrines, both traditional and behavioral, because they appeared early in the development of management thought, were stated so well, were derived empirically, and added to the development and understanding of management. Richards commented on several current concepts in management. He stressed the nature and importance of management, the need for and art of gaining acceptance to change, the importance of the objective, functional organization, and human relations. His presentation was equal to or greater than that of some of his more popular contemporaries. His industrial experience and observations in and with management spanned a period of at least fortyfour years, from 1852 to 1896.

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