Process Automation Comes Slowly–So Far

by Harry Burke



This article focuses on the process automation. Process automation is trying to discover its payout secrets by means of a winning system. Many individuals are just milling about as they sense the magnitude of the money involved, feeling that some of it must surely, somehow, come their way. This view of process automation, considered by itself, is neither fair nor realistic. This field is approaching a state of legitimacy, and technical achievements of considerable magnitude have been established. In an environment of less excitement, greater care, and honest technical appraisal. Process automation is a vital ingredient in our competition for the world market, and it is equally important as a factor in our search for a higher standard of living for ourselves. While systemation is a useful concept. it still leaves the subject of process automation a little vague. This is really an engineering term, hence it needs an engineering definition. In this sense, process automation implies some type of performing. closed-loop system.

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