An Analytical Approach To the Concept of Image

by Ben Enis



This article has presented an analytical approach to the study of images. The model employed is a three-dimensional graphic of one individual's image set, which represents the knowledge possessed by that individual. The dimensions of the model are three pairs of opposite entity characteristics which blend to generate an image in the individual's mind. The position of the image of a given entity can be located in the set by measuring the relative proportions of each member of the pairs of opposing entity characteristics. These entity characteristics are tangibility-intangibility, significance-insignificance, and consonance-dissonance with the individual's self-image. Since these are image characteristics of any entity, they can be applied to the study of all images. Empirical verification for the behavior hypothesis is insufficient at present, but some techniques and methods are available for attacking the problems involved. It is hoped that the framework presented will be of value in guiding the application of these tools to image research.

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