Corporate Objective and Marketing Aim: What Is the Relationship?

by Norton Paley



The article presents a discussion on the relationship between corporate objective and marketing aim. A corporations future is dependent on the strategic position it maintains in the market place. To achieve a successful strategic position, businessmen had to face intense risk-taking problems in the long history of commerce. The dynamics of a market, the intensity and pervasiveness of the forces at work, constantly alter the conditions under which business is conducted. There are technical, political, social, and economic changes that are out of the businessman's control, but there are controllable factors of the marketing function that are within his influence to adapt, adjust, and modify. There are also constant internal pressures that challenge businessmen to come up with meaningful answers to problems within the framework of new product development, share of market, return on investment, growth in sales and earnings, and adequate profit margins. In this article, the author wishes to place marketing in a new perspective. By examining marketing from another vantage point, a fresh foundation for a marketing theory and a basis for a sound corporate-marketing relationship can be constructed.

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