The Systems Approach to Business Organization and Decision Making

by Robert Mockler



Systems theory has had a revolutionary effect on business operations. Many an executive has found the revolution chaotic, for it has come in the form of the intrusion of the computer and computer personnel into his operations. Drastic organizational changes do not necessarily have to occur at the time a study of the business system is made, for a company may have grown and developed in tune with its growing business. But this is the exception. Some changes will always occur, and over the long run they are usually major. The executive familiar with the fundamental changes in business philosophy forced upon business by the introduction of electronic data processing and the development of systems theory will be better prepared to meet the challenges they present. He will not be confused by the continuing change brought about by the systems approach to organization and decision making, nor will he consider electronic data processing a threat to his position. Instead, he will be able to control and guide that change in the most profitable directions and at the same time expand his capacity for more effective management performance.

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