The Qualifications of a Manager

by Glenn Bassett



The article focuses on the qualifications of a manager. Managers who are fully qualified for the job to which they are appointed are a rarity. For the most part, one must manage our managerial resources with at least as much creativity, artfulness, and skill as one applies to handling the physical, financial, and other business resources. The overall level of energy, drive, motivation of background and experience, are the foundations of managerial selection which can to a substantial degree be identified objectively and defined factually. Such traits can further be confirmed and examined by skilled use of an interview with those candidates identified as having managerial potential. For appointments further up the managerial ladder, the actual selection turns more and more on qualitative elements such as style of operation rather than upon absolute qualifications for the job. By and large, the style that best fits the market situation in the judgment of the appointing manager is the style that should get the nod for the appointment. Small differences in operating style can be crucial to managerial success.

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