Another View of Business Education and Success

by Roy Jastram



The article focuses on performance in business schools and success in management. Recently there has been a series of studies purporting to show that there is no direct relationship between performance in business school and records of subsequent success in management. These studies measure success in management primarily by monetary rewards. This is understandable since large-scale analysis calls for quantitative measurement and financial remuneration is the easiest at hand. The two major criteria of admission are undergraduate grade records (UGR) and scores on the Admission Test to Graduate Study in Business (ATGSB). Recently the Educational Testing Service has published a study entitled, Summary Report of Validity Studies Carried Out by ETS for Graduate Schools of Business, 1954-197O. This states that the median validity coefficient for the combination of UGR and ATGSB total is .35, when measured against grade point averages in graduate business schools, and falls to .23 for UGR, alone, and to .25 for ATGSB taken separately.

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