Organization by Sequential Responsibility: Transfer Points

by Roy Jastram

Fall 1974

Volume 17
Issue 1

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Many organizational models appear in literature and most of us are familiar with the principal prototypes. There is one organizational variable, however, which this author has not seen or taken into account one which can be useful in a variety of industrial instances characterized by in line through puts. This variable can be called "Transfer Points." This concept of sequential responsibility in business organization pertains to the order in which various administrative entities, departments or divisions accept responsibility for an assigned share of surveillance and control over a continuous economic or productive flow. Once units constituting the economic process pass out of the control of a particular administrative reason entity within the organization, that entity is not again asked to take responsibility for furthering one same units through the economic process. In this manner a given administrative officer knows precisely at what point the economic process comes under his control and precisely when it leaves his jurisdiction. He is further assured that once the processed units have left his jurisdiction and passed under the control of others, he will no longer bear a responsibility for what subsequently may happen to them.

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