Toward the Internationalization of Consumerism

by Ralph Gaedeke, Udo Udo-Aka

Fall 1974

Volume 17
Issue 1

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With the closing of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, global environmentalism appears to have entered the "take-off" stage. Indications are that the myopia of nation states toward ecology is beginning to be replaced by a more enlightened attitude. Unfortunately, not even preconditions that ensure the "take-off" stage for another significant global issue consumerism have yet been attained. Multinational businessmen have largely appeared unaware of implications of Stockholm and beyond that the international business community must become actively involved in consumer protectionism. Indeed, the business community, notably in the OECD countries, would be derelict if it did not channel its knowhow to help assure a spontaneous "take-off" stage for consumerism. As a starting point, however, some insights into the current views, positions and philosophies of the multiple parties which will occupy the key roles in the "take-off" stage and beyond is called for. To cope with today's consumer revolution an increasing number of firms are assigning executives to be in charge of consumerism.

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