Management Training and Post-Industrial Apologetics

by James Guyot



The article explores several research studies on two management training programs, Kepner-Tregoe (K-T) and the Managerial Grid, to determine the need for management training in a post-industrial milieu in the United States. The studies attempt to establish the size, not merely the existence, of benefits accruing to the organization as a result of the management training programs. Both Kepner-Tregoe training and the Managerial Grid are intended to go beyond the joy of a new experience and actually change managers' ways of perceiving and performing their job roles. Most evaluations of Grid or K-T training follow the Buddhist path by assessing an individual's post-training behavior not in terms of external or independently generated judgments about behavior, but by means of self-reports, a source that is likely to be shaped more by intentions than by actions.

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