Consumerism and Health Care Marketing

by Alan Andreasen



The article presents information on consumerism and health care marketing. One should be note that difficulties business marketers have had by not heeding "disadvantaged consumers." Adequate health care is seen by many as a right of all individuals in an affluent society. Health marketers are in most cases already sensitive to the problems of the disadvantaged and are trying to solve them. It is possible that the white middle class medical establishment, like the white middle class consumer establishment, may not be well attuned to the needs of the disadvantaged. If the process is to be relatively free from criticism we must be sure not only to keep the overall level of satisfaction high but to ensure that satisfaction is equitably distributed across all population groups at risk. The development of instruments and related methodologies to assess consumer and practitioner satisfaction with health care outcomes and the marketing process that brings them should occupy our attention for several years. Certainly these are critical issues if marketing is to serve its full potential in improving the quality of life in this and similar domains.

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