Caring and Power

by William Dyer



Power is important and is a factor in understanding behavior. By itself, it is limited in its effectiveness for people in management. There is evidence that mixture of power and care is important to the ability to influence others. Some recent writings overemphasize power and neglect activities that have long been shown to relate to management effectiveness. A convergence of power and care seems to provide a way to see relationships between these two important factors. Power is also gained via the use of warm, tender or loving emotional reactions. Appearance, dress, fame or notoriety, reputation or accomplishment may have strong symbolic value, which helps to influence some people. Some people are intimidated by anyone who quotes the law or rules, or threatens legal involvement. The intention to influence another's thoughts or actions can involve a variety of power bases from which can be derived an influence strategy. The ability to influence can be based on the willingness to engage in emotional encounters.

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