Market Positioning in High Technology

by Regis McKenna



The article discusses various issues related to market positioning in high technology industries. In market positioning, the second phase of the positioning process, the marketplace reacts to the new product. The company finds out whether its product positioning is working. Winning a quick endorsement from the market is critical to success. Once a product wins rave reviews, it picks up momentum in the marketplace. Success builds on itself. The product develops a positive image, and customers flock to it. On the other hand, once the market sticks a product with a "loser" label, the product has a tough time recovering. According to the author, several years ago, a well-known industrialist told him that all business success is based on two things: building relationships and patience. Nowhere is this more true than in market positioning. None of the market-positioning activities, using word of mouth, developing the infrastructure, forming strategic relationships, selling to the right customers, dealing with the press, will guarantee success by itself. And none of them will bring success overnight. It takes a long time to establish contacts and build relationships. But taken together, and given enough time, these elements are almost certain to work. They will bring recognition and credibility to a company and its products. It might take a while, but it's worth the wait.

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