Choosing to Learn and Learning to Choose: Strategies for Client Co-Production and Knowledge Development

by Tale Skjølsvik, Bente Løwendahl, Ragnhild Kvålshaugen, Siw Fosstenløkken



Decisions about what types of assignments and clients to prioritize are essential for the strategic development of successful knowledge intensive business service firms (KIBS-firms). Two important considerations that need to be addressed are: the degree to which clients are ready to be efficient co-producers of value and the opportunities for knowledge development available in client co-production processes. Based on experience and several empirical studies, we identify characteristics of assignments and clients that are positively related to knowledge development. These characteristics are: novel tasks with a high degree of customization; multi-disciplinary assignment teams; large assignments; time pressure (to the extent that the tasks are novel and creative); highly knowledgeable clients; and a high degree of client interaction.

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