Enel X: Driving Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

by Henry Chesbrough

Enel is one of the world’s largest electric utilities, based in Italy but operating in dozens of countries around the world. This case discusses the process of establishing a new subsidiary company inside Enel to lead the company towards digital transformation in eMobility. The new entity must manage a number of legacy businesses, and also foster a new and different culture in an environment where no one is easily fired. It also must self-finance the transformation, without much upfront investment from the parent organization. In the case, the CEO takes stock of his actions so far, and seeks to chart a course for the future.


Pub Date: August 1, 2020

Discipline: Innovation

Subjects: Information technology, Organizational change, Technological change, Innovation, Energy, Sustainability, R&D

Product #: B5957-PDF-ENG

Industry: Energy & Natural Resources, Technology

Geography: Europe, Italy, Latin America

Length: 10 page(s)

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