Net Zero Climate Commitments: Realistic Goal or Branding Exercise?

by Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

In 2022, companies of all sizes and across multiple industries started to create and publicly announce Net Zero climate commitments. At the time, there was no generally accepted definition of 'Net Zero' and instead, each company defined what metrics were included in tracking their commitment. Further, there was no globally recognized third-party accountability mechanism that would assure that these promises were being fulfilled; leaving companies to report their own progress without outside, independent verification. As a result, many questions around the validity of these claims and their true impact on climate change were left unanswered.


Pub Date: January 1, 2023

Discipline: Corporate Social Responsibility

Subjects: Green marketing, Green business, Marketing ethics, Unethical marketing practices, Environmental performance, Environmental policy, Environmental responsibility, Environmental stewardship, Environmental sustainability, Corporate image, Corporate reputation, Global corporate citizenship

Product #: B6030-PDF-ENG

Industry: Petroleum Products, Banking, Technology

Geography: United States

Length: 6 page(s)

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