Is Hydrogen the Future of Clean Energy for Business?

by Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

By 2023, companies of all sizes and across multiple industries had started to create and publicly announce Net Zero climate commitments that included hydrogen power as a source of clean energy. However, there was no technology available at scale to achieve widespread adoption of hydrogen power. Further, there was no globally recognized body guiding the regulation or implementation of hydrogen technology, leaving companies to set their own standards. As a result, many questions about the feasibility of hydrogen use and the implications for climate change were left unanswered.


Pub Date: April 1, 2023

Discipline: Corporate Social Responsibility

Subjects: Green marketing, Green business, Marketing ethics, Unethical marketing practices, Environmental performance, Environmental policy, Environmental responsibility, Environmental stewardship, Environmental sustainability, Corporate image, Corporate reputation, Global corporate citizenship

Product #: B6037-PDF-ENG

Industry: Petroleum Products, Automotive

Geography: United States, California, Hawaii, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China

Length: 6 page(s)

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