Beyond Marketing: The Furthering Concept

by Philip Kotler, Sidney Levy



The article focuses on the concept of marketing. Marketing is an activity that is being increasingly redefined to include organizations and relationships that have traditionally been less talked about as part of marketing. Marketing management has come a great distance since its early history when its content was fairly narrowly concerned with firing line problems of salesmanship, retailing, distribution, and pricing. Most business firms have pondered the question of what relation to establish between such activities as corporate marketing, public relations, and public affairs. Corporate marketing typically deals with product-related questions and new areas of business opportunity. Public relations deals with maintaining and promoting the overall public image of the corporation. Although these three nonbusiness organizations also show a growing sense of the interrelation of many marketing-like responsibilities. The management group of the organization has to deal with two basic types of groups, suppliers and consumers. The selection and management of these suppliers is a major responsibility area for the organization and will be called the supply management function.

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