The Personnel Function in Transition

by Elmer Burack, Edwin Miller



This article examines some of steps that should be taken for updating knowledge and approaches of the personnel function in organizations in response to new and growing demands in the public and private sectors of our economy. A parallel theme and need is one of substantial modification of personnel curricula changes are needed to prepare students to cope successfully with changing job requirements and new functions within the personnel field or human resource management. This study emerges from the authors' intensive involvement in personnel research, curricula study as a part of a national study group, writings and professional contacts with clients in business and government. Various changes in technology, environment and social attitudes have emerged that dictate substantial modifications in job knowledge and functions for managerial personnel working in functional areas with such descriptions as personnel, industrial relations and manpower. In turn, shifting organizational needs forecast redevelopment of various educational programs. An important factor here is that the relevance of these understandings apply equally to general management and various specialties.

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